Dead island god mode and infinite ammo works online

A simple tutorial on how to get god mode and infinite ammo

  1. Get your profile onto your desktop

  2. Next open horizon and drag and drop your profile into it

  3. Go to the contents tab and look for the .GPD number 4B4D07DF click replace and pick the modified .GPD

Open Me

Pic not necessary but meh

  1. Once done click rehash and resign and go have fun


Massive credit to

For letting us know that god mode and infinite ammo is in the .GPD

For providing the modification from my JTAG and the .GPD

Other credit to


For testing the .GPD

if you feel your credit is not been given properly then PM me :smile:

I have a question will this **** up my stats progression or achievements?

It shouldn’t, but I’m not sure.

It should not i myself have not tested but two people have and said it works fine so im not sure sorry

Eh i will just make a back up of my old GPD.

Will try later thanks OP.

No problem hope it works out ok :smile:

i was one of the testers and it does work, my achievements became the ones that Original Boss had already earned but i dont really care for achievements

Yes this works by the way

Hmm i wonder if i start again from the start mod it with god mode and infinite ammo then upload do you think it might work without popping the achievements up ?

Create a new profile so theres a clean GPD

Please do. i would love that.

Its not working for me i did exactly what i was suppossed to do, you can play off a USB that shouldnt hurt anything

Please try to do this :thumbsup:

Can’t you just release the offsets?

Doing it now will edit the original post once i have uploaded it

Thank you so much, I don’t care which character it is as long as the achivements are fresh and clean :smile:


Check first post please let me know if anything works

Works fine for me, no acheivements popped either which is cool, infinite ammo and godmode both working fine. Thanks a lot man :smiley:

Can you make a GPD with all this & unlimited stamina

I love getting credit ( :

Nice tut

I have yet to find that in the dev menu hopefully TLOR FETT will find it because i dont feel like looking through the whole list to find it