Dead Island Mod Tool // Inventory

This is a simple mod tool made by Budda from 360 Haven. This is a great simple tool that mods anything and everything in your inventory. I used the tool made by jabbi but for some reason you can only mod specific weapons, This tool however mods anything you have in your inventory. Have fun and enjoy. :smiley:


Rare Bug:
I noticed that after modding your game save a certain amount of times when you try to load it up the changes aren’t saved but I found a simple fix. If this occurs simply run your save through jappi’s tool and save then load the save back in Inventory Tool and it should work when your load it. Don’t forget to always make back ups of your saves.

Dead Island Inventory Tool


Its not the extracted data right?

Just Go Here Much Easier

No it’s not the extracted data. All you simply do is open your save into the mod tool and modify items to your liking.

You spelt the author of the the other tool worng. It’s Jappi not Jabbi…