Dead island mod tool/tutorial

yeah, 360 haven released their mod tool so i made a tutorial… :laughing:

lol already?

been playing it on my jtag ( when it wants to work ) and i am seriously impressed this game is ****ing awesome will deffinently be picking it up tuesday seeing as i cant burn it stupid XGD3

That tutorial makes no sense

its kinda confusing, but it works

We need pc mods.

I will definitely torrent this when it’s available.

My tutorial would be exactly the same just use their mod tool instead of Hex editing

I tested it out and this was the result

That tutorial is weird 0_o

From watching the text video it looks like mod3 folder is just extra steps? I’d like to see a video walk through modding it, would be much easier to grasp and entertaining. Still undecided if I should pick this up tomorrow.

it needs to be modable on pc as well

yeah, i made a video tutorial that i screwed up on like 20 times on so i just made this real quick, its a bad tutorial i know but its for people who dont know how to, people will make better tutorials soon lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Give it a month or so and they will release propper mod tools for pc.

You couldn’t record your screen?

It’s just a matter of time my friend.

I think someone should just script, and program an easy tool for people to understand clearly. because no offence this tut, is really confusing.

Why don’t you hop on doing that then? Easier said then done.

Game looks cool might pick it up.