Dead island mod tool?

Title says all. /thread
I have a jtag, but I’m looking for retail mods.

Like a save editor if so here

Dead Island - Save editor V1.9.7z

I can personally vouch for this. I used it while I still had the game.

I was told the editors dont work anymore. Was there an update that I need to avoid until I mod my save or do the tools still work?

My editor still works on the latest title update… Looks like the person who told you that has no idea what he/she is talking about.

Link to the tool your using? Whenever I mod my save, and load it nothing is changed. I rehashed and resigned.

Tool I’m using is the first one listed above.

Here you go: MxS Dead Island Editor 1.7.exe

even though i prefer 1.6. Why not use 1.9?

Two different editors…

They both do the same thing though just 1.9 has more. Its from the same people isn’t it? Just 1.6 is harder to get working and had only a few things and 1.9 has all stats and its much easier.

My editor lets you edit all the items in your inventory. The other editor “1.9” only lets you edit the items that are pre-selected, which doesn’t always allow you to edit everything you have in your inventory. Like I said, they are two different editors. The one I posted is made by me, the one posted above mine is made by Jappi.

Didn’t even know there was 2 big ones out there. I’m sorry, I just assumed. I just hex edited mine. It took a bit longer but it got the job done. Sold the game though. Got bored with it.