Dead Island Modded GameSave

Character : Logan
Level : 50
Money : Max
Weapons and Etc. :
999999999 Diamonds
999999999 Medium Medkits
999999999 HealthPackLarge
999999999 Molotovs
999999999 Oleander
999999999 Incendiar Grenades
999999999 CrowBar Gen
999999999 Shock Rifle
999999999 Auto Rifle
999999999 Burst Rifle
999999999 Singe Shot Rifle
(And Way More!!!)
Download Here :

u suck use modded gamesave…

this save is duped theres already that file in this forum somewhere
plus its easy enough to do yourself using dise

thank you for posting the save m8, haven’t seen this one yet… ignore the trash talking forum trolls, they obviously don’t understand how hard this game is to mod, i personally could never get the hang of it cause of so much causing the game to crash, thanks to this save i finally have a reason to play the game again. :thumbsup:

youve obviously never used dise (dead island save editor )

its pretty basic modding

how hard is it to type 9x9 next to an item lawl

and how am i trolling exactly :laughing:

if i didnt think even the weak minded werent able to mod this game then i wouldn’t have commented on this topic but because its probably 1 of the easiest games to mod i did comment.

:slight_smile: Thanks mate

quick question m8, is there a way to remove the shock mod off guns that have it? don’t get me wrong i love the save as is, its just that humming sound emitted from the auto rifles does get a bit taxing on the ears after awhile…

Its a shame, really for the fact you can’t remove it but you can just buy a new weapon with all the money equipped in the save game.

What are you talking about? There are TONS of Dead Island Save Editors for the Xbox 360. This Save has been posted many times. And this game isn’t even hard to mod, just Hex Edit it or use the 5 Different Save Editors that are out there. I’ve had one of the best Dead Island mods. This is nothing.

OT: Thanks for the share, even though it has been posted many times.

i’ve only seen 2 and have them both, problem is on this game you have to mod guns as you find them since you can’t place anything in the inventory, this means numerous moddings on one save and guaranteed corrupted or unplayable save after a few times of modding, after trial and error failure over a dozen times i eventually gave up, everything would work fine till i got to the church then the game would start frame dropping worse than skyrim on ps3 before eventually crashing whenever i loaded it up… NOT AN EASY GAME TO MOD.