Dead Island *modded starter saves?*

i was just wondering if anyone knew of some decent starter saves on this game… i’ve recently gone back to playing it outa boredom, getting tired of skyrim, and a lack of any good sp games… main thing i’m looking for is unbreakable weapons if thats even possible and maxed ammo on guns, preferably WITH reload as i like to atleast be able to keep loading my gun if its got infinite ammo, makes things more interesting… any suggestions? :sunglasses:

There are two different save editors on 360Haven if you haven’t looked there. There are starter saves out there as well. Here’s a link to one.

hellz yea! thanks bro! :thumbsup:

also you could mod the game your self using the file you can download off this page here Dead Island Mods | Se7enSins Gaming Community

this is the save editor that i use for my profile you can make unbreakable weapons, unlimited ammo, add any item (weapon cash whiskey) in to the game it is an amazing tool and it works great

niiiice!!! thanks homie! wasn’t aware of this editor… :smiley:
EDIT- invalid or deleted file… any other way to get this?
EDIT- nvm i just created an account an got it, thanks.

check horizon

im looking for a gamesave thats at chapter 3 with all weapon mods and preferebly all trees maxed, maybe like 100000 cash. and same for lots of diamonds and supplys, if you can help a brother out id appreciate it

I found this quite frustrating as I feel quite foolish on not correctly applying these directions for the desired result; I even watched several Youtube videos and I still managed to botch that up, lol. Some of the steps threw me off and it made me look like a complete silly fool, lol.

Hello guys, check this out if your looking for a modded lobby.

You just bumped a two year old thread. Also, you cannot sell services here on HMB. Soo either take your modshop somewhere else or do it for free.