Dead Island Riptide ISO Mods v1.5/ Added Hand-Held Mini Gun!

Version 1.0:

  • Super Sprint (only when sprinting, so youre not constantly moving fast)
  • 9999 max ammo capacity
  • 999 Skill Points
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Health
  • Instant Reload
  • Instant Health Regeneration
  • No Recoil

Added v1.1:

  • Zombies Won’t Grapple
  • Jump Height Doubled

Added v1.2:

  • Changed Jump Height from 2x normal to 3x normal
  • 1 Hit Kill with any weapon (including fists!)
  • Added 9999 Ammo anytime you start your game (if you leave to menu/dash after using ammo, next time you start it will be back at 9999)
  • Added M60 Developer Weapon (Same as ammo, except when you start up again, it will add another M60 in you inventory/Quick Slot. Just drop it if you dont want it anymore)

Added v1.5:

  • Fixed Fall Damage
  • Increased Jump Height and Sprint Speed
  • Increased Crouch Speed for when going through water
  • Breaking open doors takes 1 try
  • Added Hand-Held Mini Gun
  • M16 is now automatic
  • Harpoon Gun is now automatic with rapidfire
  • Increased Inventory Capacity, Weight Capacity, and Ammo Capacity
  • Drinking Alcohol makes you invisible to Zombies for 5mins per bottle (spawns 1 in inventory every time game loads)

DIR ISO Mods v1.5.rar

Folders in the rar are:

1 hit kill with instant 70
1 hit kill without instant 70
Standard kill with instant 70
Standard kill without instant 70

Replace BOTH data0.pak and datapre.mpak


Also thanks Idlehands88 from 360haven for the help with fall damage and making sure the mini gun doesnt freeze

If someone would want to help me figure out how to get the Dev Menu then please message me. It is in the game, just need to figure out how to be able to use it.

dam nice bro but it sucks all mods have to be iso i wish you could these kind of things on regular usb

dont worry

im uploading a starter save now

Didnt they patch the cheat menu? If you figure that out i may have to download dead island again.

these mods are for dead island riptide. so it could have been moved to new location. either way the first dead island still have the dev menu online

Downloading this game right now

updated and added a non instant 70 data0.pak

is it a xgd3 game?

Is this game any good?

I’m going to try this later on and see if it works.


it’s fun I guess. I see it as just a big dlc to the first. nothing new except maps and one new character to play as. I mean it’s still fun, but was hoping for a little more. then again I’m only on chapter 3 so I have a ways to go

hey do you have dead island dev iso mod for online download link I would really apperiate it thansk

i do for the Dead Island 1 Game of the Year edition

thats it

is there any way you can link me to the download or upload it if it would be possible

DI 1 GOTY Dev.rar

Thanks a lot dude do it work for online? and also dead island riptide are you playing offline?

just updated. added the m60 dev weapon from the dead island 1 dev menu


Doesnt work for me I burnt it and it loads but just stays black screen. :confused:

which version did you use? that was from one of my uploads. the one posted now (v1.2) should work fine, or you might have just burnt wrong

Appears to have been deleted.