Dead Island Save Editor!

Game Title:Dead Island

Game ID:4B4D07DF

Mods Wanted: Character Exp/Level Modifier, Max Cash/Items Modifier, Weapon Damage/Level Modifier, Unlimited Ammo(If Possible), and Unlock All Weapon/Item Types.

Additional Comments:I have already seen a few save editors out there. But most are to basic to where you cant even modify an item with out gaining it in the game first. I have yet to find a weapon damage modifier so this tool would be nice to have. Ive messed around with some of the save editors I have found and they are all some what sketchy. I still use them because I know they are still in the testing stages. I have yet to find a save editor that will allow me to max out the item bleach in the game. This would be extremely nice due to the fact that is how you make ammo, so with out unlimited ammo that is my next option.

(I know there is already a topic for this editor going at the moment, but none the other topics were posted correctly due to forum code. I love Horizon so this modding tool would only make it better.)

Ok well the adding of inventoy items is not going to happen.

Wanting to modify your bleach, simply find it in HEX and modify it. I know their is a guide on 360Haven for manually editing all of the values. Infinite ammo will only work per gun and you have to modify each gun.

You say their to basic, thats not the issue. Being able to actually do it is the issue.

Already requested!


Soon anyway

Already requested here.