Dead Island : Xian Crotch Shot Nudity 18 +

I wonder how much of a perv the guy whom found it is?

._. WTF?

I bet you just found this on 360haven lol


I will try and find some male crotch shots in this game for you :laughing:

i wonder how much of a perv you where for trying to find this video dam dude are you like 13 year olds trying to find gay sht like this on the internet wasting your time on youtube GTFO
:stuck_out_tongue: >.<

I noticed you posted it but no that is not where I found it :laughing:

Dude your need to take a chill pill…wowzers.

Why who would do this

That guy just sounds like a perv, i’m not surprised he found this.
I also think he’s a perv based on how he says “panties”.
I bet he can’t wait for the day he sees a real women naked. :laughing:

Lol this made me laugh, the guy sounds like he would look for things like this in a game! Sad but funny