Dead Rising 2 Case Zero - Money, PP, Level MODS(BY ME)

Okay not a tutorial but I will make one in a couple of days… If you send me your DR2CZ save I will mod it for you.


Level - 2
PP - 9999
Money - 999999999999999

Or what ever you want. I will talk to unknown to ask him to make a tool, it’s epicly simple.

You know the full game is out, right?

ya he does, cause he only wanted the case zero one, prolly just didn’t wanna buy the whole game

so this mod/tut is for the ARCADE version correct? because i only have that version :confused:

Much appreciated dave, will pm you now

do u have aim or yahoo

who me or dave?


Dave, check your PM.

FYI, Dave may not respond nor ever respond so I would just post to get help

Open save in HxD.
Convert your money to hex decimal, search it? Replace…


Dazaa please do not spam which pointing out the obvious here surely counts as, people can look at dates them self. Normally bumping old posts is bad but their is a new guy here trying to get it done figure it out, better than making a whole new post over it.

Thanks Tlor

I only just recently got Case Zero (due to only just recently receiving my xbox back after Red Ring Of Death).

P.s I opened up my save on HxD and I all I got was gibberish, most of the writing was screwed up. I’m not sure if it’s because the save was already resigned?

Can anyone give me a link or instructions on how to mod saves?

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