Dead Rising 2 Mod Tool


This is Dead Rising 2 Mod Tool :smile:
It Free :stuck_out_tongue:

Download: Download Now!!!
Scan:VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
If you recieve the Virus, It a False.

You can Modified PP, Level, and Money. I will add more it soon.

Thanks. I hope you guys like it.

What’s the point? There is one in horizon.

I don’t see a screen shot.

Secondly, does this fix the checksum?
and thirdly, if so how about a tool for Case Zero? :smile:

or you can use the one on horizon

Yes I have and thats true, but that one doesn’t work for Case Zero.

Only 2 and Case West I believe (last time I checked that is)

so this one works with case zero

I just went through and tested it. It’s clean.

I’m not sure, thats what I was requesting really lol.

why not use the one in horizon? but anyways thanks for this anyways :smile:

lol We already covered that.

Can i get a mirror DL please.

Aww man, I beg you re-upload somewhere.

um…the download link doesnt work. Can you upload the mod tool again please?

these offsets are everywhere so this mod tool has about 70 copys

can you link?

not to mention there the compleatly wrong offsets and dont fix the check sum

i dont think this link works if so please list directions

Link is down. PM a staff member if you can re-upload this mod tool.