Dead Rising 2 Save Editor Download?

Hey, does any of you people have a Dead Rising 2 Save Editor that I can use? Cause I really want to Mod my Dead Rising 2 Game for the Xbox 360! I want ALL the Combo Cards and Reach Level 50 and get so many Zombrex! Infinite stuff! Please Message me back ASAP!

…You’re ****ing ******ed…

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It’s only $5 and you get access to other exclusive tools as well.

What’s 5$?

Diamond, you can use the Dead Rising 2 Editor for 5$ and many other editors.

Diamond membership for this website, i put a link in my last post. In Horizon, it gives you access to exclusive tools for Diamond members only.


Oh really? That’s pretty cool! but I don’t know if I can trust this. But I’ll try! :smiley:
Thanks anyways!

I don’t think you need diamond. Just downloading Horizon has the dead rising 2 editor, and that’s free

Edit: Looks like I’m wrong about that, according to posters you do need the diamond. sorry about that.

No, I just checked. It say’s I need Diamond. :confused:

The Dead Rising 2 editor is Diamond only. I just used it yesterday.


A lot of people trust this site and it has one of the best xbox modding tools the internet has to offer, very well worth it.

Okay, sorry for the late reply. I bought Diamond like 2 weeks ago! But I haven’t got a chance to check out the DR2 Editor. Cause my Horizon NEVER works. Well, it was a waste but Cheater is making money…&_&

no, it doesnt need diamond anymore.

His comment was made in 2012.

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