Dead rising 3 cheats wont work

i loaded dead rising 3 via infinity activated cheats (heard the noise it been turned on)
in this case it was unlimited ammo as i have a hand gun, my bullets kept going down
so it didnt work
had unlimited heath/allies heath/max attributes and max level all activated aswell and seen nothing different with the game

any help would be appriciated please thanks

Are you using steam version? Did the game have an update recently?

Dont think there was a new update. Last update i can find is soon a year old.

No update on game for along time also literally just installed it.
I am using steam version aswell
Tryed a different game and cheats worked fine on that

Do I need to be at a certain point in the game?

Well then the trainer should work fine. Do the cheats activate (stay blue) or turn themselves off?

I’ll download the game and test it myself.

  1. Unlimited Health Works
  2. Unlimited Ammo Works
  3. Unlimited Allies Health Works
  4. Unlimited Throwables Works
  5. Max Attribute Poins Works
  6. Max Level Works

Everything works fine for me. Im on Windows 7-64 bit.

Try to run Infinity as Admin. I had the same problem on Dead Rising 2

i am using windows 10 that may be the problem im not sure, il load infinity up and try again via admin hopefully it works

they stay blue but as i said the unlimited ammo was activated and the bullets kept going down and health was also active and went down also

Hmm maybe it’s a problem with windows 10.

Can’t be a problem with win 10 if so just run it in compatibility mode but that shouldn’t change anything. @bebbsy
Your AV is disabled right? If not add an exception or deactivate it

I use windows 10, that’s not the problem. Send me your game exe (deadrising3.exe), most likely your game is different or maybe its some area of the game.

You are not using it online, are you?

all sorted now guys i reinstalled infinity and loaded dr3 up first and it worked :slight_smile: