Dead Rising 4 (Steam) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The game crash when i start it, when i see the CapCom logo the game crash instantly and i don’t know why

frank DLC timer cheat isn’t working, it has no effect

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@MrAntiFun Any chance for an update? Game is on Steam sale currently, so I guess ppl would appreciate …


2 years so i doubt this will help but it needs an update. some cheats have no effects.

Can we get a update please?

Crashes on launch or when activating trainer while game is running

Dude, please UPDATE THIS.
The EXO Suit Timer as well as the DLC Timers are still not working!

After several years, it is now finally in the queue to be updated!

For any Pro users who has some spare boosts laying around, feel free to toss them into it.

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an update finally would really be appreciated! <3

The Dead Rising 4 (Steam) cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

thank you, still experiencing crashes though… and the exo suit cheats are not fixed they are after all this time still broken sadly… the restore energy doesn’t work and unlimited still has it counting down. can you find and freeze suit value? thanks a lot for your work and time.

unfortunately, some of the mods still do not work. unlimited exo energy, restore exo energy, and mega pp.

Hi! Can you check if you are on the latest trainer? You can find the mods version in the mod settings. Make sure that the latest trainer is selected. After checking, please try to launch the game on Steam first. Load your game save. Once you can move in the game, switch to WeMod app and click Play. Try to activate the cheats, and let us know if there’s any difference.

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Yeah… unfortunately, still the same scenario. Unlimited health and sprint, ammo, etc. all work fine. But still no Mega PP or Unlimited Exo suit :confused:

What happens when you activate Mega PP and Unlimited Exo? Does it switch off automatically or just stays on but has no effect on the game?

Stays on but has no effect.

Thank you, i’ll let the team know so they can test the trainer. I’ll post an update as soon as I hear from them.

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Thank YOU for your communication and effort! Looking forward to an update <3

The Dead Rising 4 (Steam) cheats have been updated!


  • Rest Exo Suit Energy cheat added

First, I want to thank you for your hard work on not only the mods for this game but every other game you and your staff work on. Thank you very much, you’ve improved mine and many others gaming experience substantially.

In regard to this update, I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news is Unlimited Exo Suit now works as well as Mega PP, although it traps you in the exo suit, meaning you cannot leave without reloading your game. As for Mega PP, works great, except you do not get rewarded skill points for levelling up with the cheat activated. This led to me finding out that the unlimited skill points cheat only works upon a level up WITHOUT Mega PP turned on.
Frank DLC Timer appears to be working as intended.
As for Rest Exo Suit, I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to do actually, but it does not reset Exo Suit energy if that’s what it’s supposed to do.
In all honesty, I’d say this menu is serviceable and does what it needs to do. Any further update would be appreciated, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessary. Regardless, thank you MrAntiFun and eimajamie for helping us enjoy our Dead Rising 4 experience even more.