Dead Space 2 Hardcore save No DLC!

Says in the title a Hardcore save at the end of the game all you need to do is destroy the marker and you get the achivement and the Hand cannon which is a LOL gun

Link: ds_slot_12

Enjoy :thumbsup:

Also its my first post so don’t be harsh

Thnx bro! Hope this gonna help me, ‘couse all savegames that i have downloaded were nothin’ but crap, i mean corrupted, ¬¬ or maybe i’m doing something bad, don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue: But thank you :wink:


Glad to help.

This Could be useful thanks:thumbsup:

sorry to be a pain to anyone but could someone have a link to how to do it? if thats oki? sorry if its in the wrong thread

I already uploaded this, and you need to upload the .GPD, if you want the hand cannon.

I’m going to ask this me closed.

im new to this modding stuff tbh

This Save has already been posted !

It is the only one link of download that work, the others links are dead!! Great :smiley:

very nice and good choice of weapons. very fast achievement

Learn how to edit them and change the profile id to yours. i just started doing this stuff and the first save i downed was for Mass Effect. It said it was corrupted but showed up when i looked at my saves. didnt work, changed everything to the same thing as one of my untouched saves, rehashed & resigned. worked.

Link won’t let e save the file because it’s a .*
How do I do?

UPDATE- figured it out. If anyone else has this problem, make a copy of your own slot 12 file and just have your computer overwrite that.

Your save dose not work, all that can be done from it is new game+
can you please sort it out?

hi everyone! i have dowloaded the file but i don’t know how to use it. can someone help me please?? :smile: thanks!

I’ve read that you guys don’t like reviving threads but I could really do with some help on this.

Been trying for a few hours now and cannot get this to work. I’ve been looking around Google and it seems that the USA and Euro/UK (except the German version I assume) have totally different save codes or something.

I’ve tried saving in different slots, delete the cache on the 360 to try saves without the updates, but still I cannot get any of the files I find to work.

Here is what I’ve been doing.
1: Download a save file (the one by the OP of this thread for example).
2: Play the game in hardcore mode and save at the very first save station just after the intro. Saved in numerous slots on multiple tries.
3: Open Horizon and then open up the Dead Space 2 save file.
4: Where is gives you the option to choose nodes, etc. I click the settings option and then contents.
5: Replace my save file with the one I downloaded and then save and rehash.
6: Start up the game and then find each attempt results in a corrupted file.
7: When putting the USB back in Horizon, I then get the message that there is an EA header and no save files can be found in the contents.

EDIT: Got it work!

Here is how I did it.

1: Have a Modio account and from there download the hard to the core save to your SUB.
2: Because the save had only a crap weapon you can then use Horizon to mod in some nodes and cash.
3:Load up the game and from the last save point work your way back to the store and bench. On the way use the alt fire of thee pulse rifle to kill enemies.
4: Get the contact beam and fully upgrade it. Now make your way to the final boss, wrecking the regenerator when you come across it.
5: Use the contact beam to make short work of Nicole and the Marker.
6: Take care when flying to the ship as you can still die at this point.
7: Enjoy the Hard to the Core achievement :smiley:

Many thanks to the OP of this thread and the uploader of the save file.

PS: To be safe. Have hard to the core as your very last achievement. This file could most likely have loads of achievements pop on you within a matter of seconds. Best to save this until last.