Dead space 2 mod tool

Edit the editor does not work yet and im sorry for who got jelly i will re post it back up IF a new one is been made again sorry no need to flame thats what children do

The GUI looks a mess.

Dead space 2 isnt out yet lmfao.

dead space 2 is on all iso sites :smile:

Yea but it leaked today/last nigth mr ridicously large sig

i tried your dead space 2 mod tool and it did now work it came up as damaged save.
he is my save if you wont to have a lock at it. ds_slot_01

guys even though this is a modding site i hope u have the decency to not mod dead space 2 as it is the best game ever and should stay pure but thats just what im going to do as i love this game so epic

This thing is a piece of crap NO NODES and doesnt work at all itll max the credits then say some **** about ivalid mco2 magic. test it before you waste time

you might want to edit your First post to let everyone know that this does NOT work yet as they are trying to go about a different route on getting this to work, because it just doesn’t only have that particular checksum. {before people start flaming you like the unintelligent-impatient user above my post} :smiley:

GUI looks ok…just got to get it to work now lol.

put it in horizon and rehash/resign

The reason you get that error is because your not extracting the file within the con duh :stuck_out_tongue: also whats with the flaming im trying to share this with people YES it dont work at the minute i didnt know that when it was made and i could not test it myself as i did not have the game so please dont post saying it dont work your just repeating what others are saying

Im extracting and following the instructions and still getting a corrupt save when I try to continue.

Thanks for the work though and good luck.

How about some encouragement and support for him? Telling him the problem is fine and understandable. However, being a **** is certainly not.

i did that and it still came up as damaged save. i now that they are trying to fix it so thank you for that.

The game has 2 “checks” of sorts

MC02 for the extracted file
One other for the main file / extracted file, not sure which

Yes i know this is an old thread but any updates on a working method of modding the dead space save 2 game.

any news on the editor or has it died completly ?

There is not a public editor, but there are some made for other tools.

Oh okay ill guess id just HEX edit my save then