Dead Space 2 Ultimate Savegame

Hi… So if it helps someone here is another Savegame for Dead Space 2…
Everything unlocked !
Just start a New Game + or if you want to skip the Intro I made a Save that Starts at the first Store!
All Weapons all Suits including the Hacker Suit and Hacker Contact Beam !
Also the Plasma Cutter for Veterans !
Enough Money and Power Nodes !
Including the Handcannon !
Just Rehash and Resign to use the Files !
Please leave Thankx if you like and Download it !
More Information is in the Download
The Password is hxp

This save is crapp.

Not unlimite money, or hardly enough nodes.
And you have to give us your .gpd if you want to share foam finger. :confused:

If you guys want the foam finger, I suggest this thread.

This Save is no Crap !!!
If you know how to Rehash and Resign Savefiles you can use them without problems !
You dont need no more Nodes… Everything is at the maximum… !
You also have enough money and Nodes anyway !
And if people use your Savefile to get the Foam Finger, they cannot start a new Game +
with everthing at the Maximum !
With mine you just have everything !
So everybody has to decide for theirselves if this Savefiles can help them or not ! Not you !

Did somebody else try this Files ? Or did anybody have some problems using them ?

hi i wanted to let everyone know i looked all over for a hardcore game save that was good and i was messing around with my profile editor 2.5 and i was unlocking some of my achievements and i unlocked the hardcore one on dead space 2 and when i got back on and went to a store i had the hand cannon and 3 free suits so know i can start a new game on hardcore and have the hc and a good suit when i get to the first store if you need help let me know at