Deadbolt Cheats

Could we make some cheats/mods for Deadbolt? I mean the steam version, not the old gamejolt one.All i need is inf ammo. Here’s the link to Deadbolt on steam:

Nevermind. I found out how to get inf ammo with Cheat Engine. Its really tedious though, and i have to do it every mission and every time i die, and sometimes it crashes, and i have to do it for every weapon i have. If youre up to it, you could still make the trainer.

That’s the issue with games made using gamemaker studio. Anyway, i just read that this game spawns 2 processes which is a problem as infinity doesn’t currently support sorting through multiple process names. This feature is already implemented in v2 which is when i can finally release trainers for similar games spawning multiple processes like umbrella corps, street fighters v as well.

Oh. I see. Well it was worth a shot i guess.