DeadMau5 Helmet

Can someone post this so i can get it

Me too plz?!

i like deadmou5 but the helmet does look kinda odd shaped in that picture

i know i just want it though

is there anyone that is willing to figure this out

If someone could post this i will love them forever!

That looks pretty sick, I got to admit.

ur at the library? LOL

I love anyone forever if they post it

how about i buy it 2marrow and Post k

I will love you forever:)

that would be ba

That looks like as hell for some reason!

does anyone have the Deadmau5 head from DJH2

I have it, how do I post it?

Deuce rules love ur avatar. The helmet is pretty sick.

technically couldn’t we add DJH2 to our gamerscore and use the award unlocker ( when it comes out )

ya but when does the update come out, my point exactly


something tells me i will be adding a lot of games and probably not modding the GS but just getting them to unlock the awards, thats what i love about horizon is the modding tools that no other programs use :smiley:

its not a award its a item u have to buy