Deathloop Trainer Request

Wanted to pop this in WeMod’s suggestions. Saw the new game Deathloop come out, thinking about getting it but I would like a trainer before I do. Pretty sure it’s single-player so it should be a lot easier than other games to make it. Thanks guys.

Just realized it’s not even out yet… lol

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Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. Unfortunately, we don’t take trainer requests in the forum. This suggestions section is for suggesting improvements to the WeMod App software itself, not for suggesting trainers.
Trainers are made based on the game’s popularity within the community. This is determined by:

  1. How many WeMod members have the game installed. The WeMod software detects this automatically.
  2. How many WeMod members are following or have it added as a favourite.
    To follow the game, click “Notify Me” on the game’s page in the WeMod software.
    To favourite a game, click the star icon next to the trainer’s name in the WeMod software.
  3. The number of boosts put into the game by Pro members to boost it further up the development queue when it appears there due to being determined as popular via the previous points.

Ah my bad Ravenfyre, you can delete this post. I’ll remember what you told me thanks!