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Deep Rock Galactic Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I’ve seen other trainers have a Free Gear Shop, and It’s obvious its different because its a separate shop but you would think that since both vanity and gear use minerals to buy certain things maybe you could do something with minerals? If you can not do something similar to the gear shop like you did with the vanity shop.


Its a great game and developers listen to players advice(They even implemented a anti-troll function into the kicking that me and a few others suggested), I’d recommend playing the game legit first because it makes it SO much more rewarding, fun, and longer playtime. But once it gets too repetitive, or you keep getting bad people on your team/they leave constantly/etc. Infinity’s trainer might make it more interesting.


Is this not bannable? because of the online play


Don’t play it online?


So testing the trainer I found that the only things that work are unlimited flares, unlimited money, free buying and no overheating. The other cheats didnt work. I tried to turn on the unlimited ammo and noreload but the settings turn on and turn right off. BUT I want to thank you for the great work!


Do you have steam version?


Health is the only one I cannot get to work for steam version


Yes I do.


Ugh did the game update again?


Yeah. Updated a few hours ago.


@STN there have been bans and several threads highlighting trainers in this game through steam. They’re looking for them now

@ (everyone else) Caution is advised with any co-op play as people are now looking for people using trainers. There was a video caught of a player griefing others with unlimited grenade launcher (especially bad since this game has friendly fire). Please be responsible folks. These guys work to bring you something to make games more enjoyable, don’t abuse this tool.


So the trainer works online? I guess i am putting this on the backburner for a while


People that use trainers online should be banned !!


Is there anyway to reverse the unlimited money?


unlimited ammo, no overheating, unlimited gadgets work online.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only trainer for this game but I’ve seen a couple blatant usage videos than left me shaking my head.


Not that I know of. the good news is you still need minerals as well in order to do more than SOME level one upgrades.


Hey is there anyway for the Engineer to have infinite or just a frozen ammo amount for his sentries? I dont mean to be asking for additions to cheats but just thought it’d be a nice touch.


Nah, since people are abusing this trainer online i have made it very low priority


Having put about 40 hours in the game, I haven’t seen ANYONE using this online. I use it on solo maps with Bosco to rush for upgrades and that’s about it.

Anyways, since update 12, the Infinite Ammo/No Reload no longer works.


This guys says otherwise?