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Deep Rock Galactic Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Like I said, I (As in ME PERSONALLY,) haven’t seen anyone using these and griefing others. I have only seen one person complain on the official Discord about cheaters and that’s it. The people that do use these online and do so just to ruin other peoples gaming experience should be banned, they deserve it, but don’t let the couple bad eggs ruin the dozen and put this on the backburner.

Settling in for a long weekend of gaming, hope this is updated by then. :smiley:

I’m just hoping the Infinite ammo/No Reload gets fixed so I can solo some more hazard 4’s since they fixed Bosco.


Same issue stays on then switches off on its own


Yup, but apparently it’s a low priority since people abuse the trainer online and ruin it for the rest of us.


I can’t buy any Gear Upgrades!!! please make it happen. Plus it’s updated again.


The Free Buying is only for Vanity Shop things as it says if you click the little dot next to it. Also, this game probably won’t be kept up to date as the Trainer Creator (STN) said it has a low priority since people are reportedly abusing it online.


You cant abuse at all, when more than the half are not working. I tried it since you guys said something about abusing. Why only vanity ?! I want stronger guns !!! The trainer is then useless.


@KeepUp Supposedly, when it worked, it was abused online so the Creator, @STN, has put it on the back burner and let the few ruin it for the many. Still, over 150 hours in and I haven’t seen a single person even look like they were using a trainer online.


That’s my point no one does and now I am screwed because of these idiots who claims that everyone uses hacks…


Whole thread and video of a guy rapid firing grenade launcher.

There is also a link to another guy who got banned by a developer

P.S. I am not an “idiot” who made some claim. I have proof and trust me these aren’t the only threads. apparently spamming platforms and ziplines have cause many games to crash pissing a lot of people off.

@KeepUp I mentioned it in this discussion to try and prevent our members from doing this crap.
@Tekkie because i haven’t seen many other made me believe we may have been the only major trainer in the market therefore my warning that one of our own might be abusing and also to throw the devs off from trying to anticheat us because none of us want a VAC ban


1 in thousend uses trainer online, too much eh. gj ruining this trainer


I understand where you’re coming from @Lannik and that’s why I’ve moved on to other games on my free time. The only thing I didn’t like is that they made an amazing trainer that let the people, who use it responsibly, enjoy themselves on solo runs when their friends weren’t online. Now the trainer is dead because of a few people, put on the back burner for later, and I can understand why, this is mostly for anyone else coming here looking for a decent trainer. So I say again, THIS TRAINER IS DEAD FOR NOW, LOOK ELSEWHERE.


@KeepUp it is too much when it gets the game developers direct attention. If the devs wanted to make an issue they could cause hell for this trainer and its makers. I simply posted a notice to all to use it to be responsible and STN chose to backburn it and let the attention on this trainer die down.

Further on that this game was for a period updating up to twice daily causing STN to constantly keep it updated and im sure creating its own headache.

@KeepUp you can get mad and pout but ultimately i was trying to protect wemod and to me that is of more importance than your feelings.


i’m still using the trainer but i only ever use it on solo, it’s no fun when playing with others.


Why limitless ammunition can’t be used


Hasn’t been working for some time, but the unlimited health works just fine on solo missions.


Yo can this get an update, its an amazing game


nothing works…


yes…yesterday only the cheat for unlimited granades and flares works - but today nothing works…


Update please !!


Nah. People abuse it online