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Deep Rock Galactic Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It’s sad that people have to ruin others fun just to have their own. Now I can’t derp around in solo mode.


A putting has in the daytime stands out, there is that unlimited grenade and unlimited flares which works the rest not function not when one them active he deactivates automatically


Update please m8 <3


No more cheat code walks(works) :tired_face:


this cheat does not work anymore, please update


Any chance that this will be updated anytime soon? They recently just dropped a huge update on the game and non of them are working :V. It’ll be great if kindly please update it =D


Please update, i don’t want to abuse it online, i just want to have my fun in solo.


I am everything made all right with you, Please update pppplllllleeeeaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee


Why Don’t you just take down/ delete the mod then if people are abusing it?


Wow, why so mean?. I do plan to update the mod, just very low priority because of the abuse or low amount of users.

I worked my ass on this trainer and you want to bring it down.


Need to be repair pls !


yeah pls update it :slight_smile:


need update dose turn on cheat when game is loaded please
thank you


can you update it please? :frowning:


I was making a small suggestion since WeMod doesn’t really support multiplayer games, I was just asking a question no need to get so aggressive


Hey STN, I appreciate the hard work. I understand the reasons for not updating it, and honestly if people can’t either a) play another game in the mean time, or b) get a life. It isn’t your problem

Thanks for all the other trainings my boy. Keep up the hard work.


I’ll update it


Aw, you are the best baws. Love ya.


any chance we can get an update to work with microsoft store owners? seems this only works for steam accounts. multiple other games work with microsoft store games so i know its possible.


Umm the whole trainer isn’t working for me…