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Deep Rock Galactic Cheats and Trainer for Steam


the game updated 27/10-18 need to be updated. non of the cheats works. it just turns it self off all the time.


Why not vote for it ?


We’ve been voting, but as you should very well know, it takes a boatload of time and whatever the currency is called.


Exactly its too long… I don’t like this voting system


I actually got busy with jc4 and nms. And you should be thankful i didn’t update cause the game had an update just a few days back lol.

I plan to bring this game back and update more frequently. Realized that the online abusers are a very small fraction of people.


JC4 is definitely something I play a lot more than Deep Rock, so thanks, but this is something that should still get at least something for the recent patch.


It does not factor in the playerbase size of games. It takes the same number of tokens to vote for an update to a small indie game as it does to vote for a major AAA game… It makes no sense, and is insanely biased.


The Deep Rock Galactic cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


None of the cheats work. Most turn off immediately when trying to turn them on, and the ones that don’t still don’t have any effect.


What’s your antivirus ?
And where did you get the game from ?

Just updated 10 hours ago. Gotta be something on your end


Windows Defender and Steam.


How bout if you start and play the game for a couple mins then back out and click play in wemod? Anything ?
Lotta times you have to have one of something first to make it work.
I dont play this game just using what I have learned from being on here


Unlimited flares and grenades do seem to work now. However, unlimited ammo and no reload don’t work for all weapons/items (the Miner’s satchel charges and drills, the Gunner’s shield generators, and the Engineer’s turret ammo), and unlimited health and no overheating do not work at all.


It does work. However, it takes sometime to activate - you can try renaming FSD-Win64-Shipping.pdb in steamapps\common\Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Binaries\Win64 folder to see if that speeds it up).

Your health would appear to decrease but you will not die.


I’ve died from fall damage, though. Unless that’s supposed to bypass infinite health?


Oh. Not sure about that. It just gives you max health. If fall damage is higher than max health or if it doesn’t regenerate fast, you could die.

I tested it with enemies and a big swarm of them couldn’t kill me


Ah, okay. That would explain it.

Still seems that no overheating doesn’t work, though. And drill fuel, satchel charges, shield generators, and turret ammo are definitely not affected by infinite ammo. Not sure if their ammo works differently from normal weapons.


hi, they updated the game only health no reload and easy kills work(well no reload stays on but you still have to reload}


Please use the “Request Update” button to voted for an update by selecting request update and then selecting how many votes you’d like to contribute :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish I had money to buy these vote things. Unfortunately, If I had money to blow on trainers, I’d go to everyone’s worst enemy CH and buy their overpriced nonsense that’s always up to date. I would use the starter coins if there were enough… Love Wemod but this is the fatal flaw.