Deep Rock Galactic Cheats and Trainer for Steam

bks cryo uses pressure, not heat.

Great mod, I only use it for infinite ammo (nitra deposit is so scarce in some type of missions, I hate it). But everytime I use it on any Industrial Sabotage mission, the game crashes before I fight the Caretaker.

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the unlimited support tool usage cheat doesnt work sadly

yes same here

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Just want to let you know that overheat does not work with cryo cannon. That’s the only weapon so far that reactor to overheat as far as I know.

Yes it has been like that since the start of the season and the creator does not care or bother fixing it. It’s a useless button that does nothing and every update it has been broken like that but mrantifun never fixes it.

Now i doubt it will ever work.

Can you please add an option to reset scrip to 0?

my game keeps crashing when I get to the caretaker boss fight, its fine the whole mission then crashes

Can there be a separate option to do infinite drill fuel because unlimited ammo doesn’t keep it up

yeah i think there might be a conflict… crashed every time with Caretaker

Inf ammo doesn’t seem to work on the epc, minigun, pretty much anything without a reloadable magazine but using the no reload seems to make it work fine also works fine with the coilgun without the no reload tho

One hit kill doesn’t work anymore with the new update :frowning:

The Deep Rock Galactic cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Some mod options for the game still do not work and are broken. Biggest one being the 1 shot kill option. It does not what at all. I’ve also noticed that the drilldozer options also don’t work.

Any chance you can add a slider to the “Super Speed” feature? It’s currently set way too fast and it’d be better if we could slide it to the speed we prefer.

My post above was the 1st time I’ve posted. Can anyone who’s experienced in this tell me whether a silence means “no”? Or, is the silence normal even if the trainer dev may take action on the post? Thanks, in advance!

Hello. Is there a chance that there will be a fix to how the Drillers weapon overheat, even with the No-overheat plugin on? Would be really nice to use them with this mod. :slight_smile:

It would really great if unlimited matrix cores were added to the trainer because we may have unlimited resources and money but what about overclock cores? We need those too.