Defiance is CONSTANTLY updating patches and asking me to install

got the game and not sure if anyone else is having this problem but any time I start the game, it asks me to install and goes to the very end and takes like 10 seconds to refinish (not that big of a problem) but then it has me download patches and those take up to 5-10 mins, even if I restart right after finishing it, it wants to to download again

is it just me or what is going on?

It says on their forums they’ve just updated the game. The patching thing was in the beta as well it’s an MMO on console thing.

yeah but it just keeps downloading like 20 and it seems to never stop

Download it again.

I have, multiple times. just gives me a patch error after 30 minutes of downloading

Clear your cache then download


I’m deleting all the patches now and retrying

Kinda glad I didn’t buy this right away. Hopefully they work out all the kinks

You’re not alone with this problem don’t worry. I played this game fine yesterday, right up until you do the quest to get a vehicle & rifle but it was bugged and I couldn’t complete it. Today I tried to play and all morning it’s just been asking me to install & update and every time (after long patching periods) it just fails. I think the servers are just extremely buggy right now, nothing seems stable. Shame really, looks like a good game, hopefully it’ll get sorted out!

I haven’t run into any issues yet, but I restart it ever 2 hours just to download new patches.

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i’ve been playing three days and haven’t come across any of these issues must be unlucky