Definitely Not Fried Chicken Cheats and Trainer for Steam

How do you use the cash mod it doesn’t work it seems to only work when you sell items but even then it barely goes up as it goes up by like 1k even you hold down cash for ages and you then sell so you might as well just make it a inf money cheat when you update the cheats in the future

The cheats aren’t working.

The money cheat just sets your balance to a negative number and doesnt do anything else.

please update when you get a chance! trainer doesn’t work set cash does nothing

set cash does work…8000 gives you 80 cash. set it to 651000 and you get $6501 on purchasing or selling something.

trainer doesn’t work. Needs to be updated.

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Can we get an update? some cheats like infinite appliance health doesnt work.

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can you guys do and infinite cash cheat cause the set cash doesnt work

It seems like the train4r needs an update. Money-editor doesn’t work anymore.

can u please update it

The Definitely Not Fried Chicken cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hi! Set Cash does not work correctly. Increasing the amount to $250,000 on WeMod only results in having $ in-game set to $2,500.

Hi! Did you buy the game on Steam? Also, there has been an update to the trainer. Make sure to use the most recent version, which you can check by going to the history page. You can also try restarting the WeMod app.

Yup, bought the game on Steam. I can also confirm I’m using the most recent version on the WeMod app. Also tried restarting the app itself, still having issues with the following:

  1. Set Cash (not working correctly – increasing the amount on WeMod to 87000 only sets the value of cash in the game to $870.00)
  2. Instant Products (not working at all)
  3. Game Speed (not working at all)

Thanks for all your help!

The number you set in the WeMod App would include decimals. That’s how money works in the game. So setting it to 123456789, would be 1,234,567.89 in the game.
EDIT: It should be a literal number now.

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Awesome, it works now! Thank you so much