Dekaron Online

Would love to see a tool for Dekaron put into Infinity.

You can fine the game here :

Its free to download.

Some things that would be nice :

Add money, called Dil in this game
Add Xp
Attract all mobs (normally set to 3 or 4 per character)
No fail when upgrading an item
Add dShop cash
Change item stats
Change character level
Non Agro mobs (mobs wont attack you)
Multi-cast spell (cast spell without cooldown limit)
Add Stat or Skill points
Increase Xp multiplier
Remove level limit for maps
Teleport (move to where you click on map)
Open shop on any map (they block feature on some maps)
Copy Items

Most if not all of these mods/CE skripts have been done before in the past, multiple times for most of them too. But have since been disabled due to better “XINGCODE” security.

Would really like to see any of these implemented into Infinity somehow.

All but maybe 2-3 of the options i mentioned above i know can still be done, just have to find a bypass around xingcode so it doesn’t think files are being changed. Or just disabling it entirely somehow.

They don’t support online cheating. So, you will most likely never see any cheats made for it.

They should though.

So its even playing field with all the other hacks.

It isn’t that simple. You run into a lot of issues including legal issues when you start distributing mods that work online. Not to mention we simply don’t want to see online games ruined by cheats. It is fine if you want to use them but you aren’t going to get them from us.

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Back in 2014 with dark souls 2, i made a trainer that worked online (wasn’t my intention). It was getting a lot of love so i was very happy until a week later, there were floods of people coming to me complaining “i am evil and i am the reason their game is ruined. I should take the trainer down” One guy wrote a wall of text explaining in different ways how my site was bad and he hadn’t been registered for more than an hour.

It was very hurtful and it wasn’t even intentional. I don’t want to deliberately make an online trainer and ruin people’s gaming experience. There’s also legal consequences like Chris said. I know how terrible it feels when there are cheaters in the game, grab some yourself (there are several sites offering them) or just learn to live with it.

this is why i refuse to play mp. unless im in a private room with a trainer in gta v.