Destiny 2 Request

Not sure if it’s possible, since Bungie stated that they’re making it hard to inject code into the program, but thought I’d throw a cheats request out there and see if it gains any ground.


Isn’t it online only?

yeah it is it


Yepp no trainer , so that makes up my mind to get the game or NOT !

@ptondo you should get the game anyways just cause u cant cheat in it doesnt mean you should not get it i have it on xbox soon to be getting it on pc as iv maxed out my 3 charterers on xbox and have nothing to do till the first dlc but its a great fun game to play hence why im buying it on pc as well due to im bored of it on console atm i wanna try it out on pc but destiny 2 is a fun game to play but its the most fun playing with people not by your self as it gets boring quite fast playing by your self


I’m guessing that the reason a trainer won’t be able to be made is due to non-client sided addresses?

No. The game is online only and we don’t make trainers for online games. Either buy it or just ignore it

@Alienwarfare ya you mite be right most likely I’ll get it and try it out
But also wolfienstien 2 comes out on same damm day and also
Assassins creed too ! I’m not much of an online player I actually don t play online at all the kids ruined that with borderlands lol give me this give me that
But ya some single player in destiny for me

Bungie has already said they will ban anyone caught using a trainer since all weapons from the story carry into multiplayer and ruin the experience for others.

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