[Destiny] Amazing Glimmer Farming Strategy

I usually get about 2500 glimmer using this method. So if you’re good you can get like 30,000 glimmer an hour.

the cap for the glimmer is 25,000

It’s my glimmer and I need it now!

I know, I’m just saying that you could earn glimmer at a rate which would get you 30000 glimmer an hour.

The video isn’t working. I’m using a phone.

Here, try clicking this link instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5rShaVeFfs

Link isnt working either. I guess the uploader has mobile disabled.

  1. Go to the Moon, play the “Shrine of Oryx” mission.
  2. Play on Hard difficulty, level 12 or level 20.
  3. Play until you get to the “Hall of Wisdom” there should be a no respawn zone.
  4. Kill all the Hallowed Acolytes/Knights in the area. (Use Black Wax Idol consumable to increase Hive glimmer drops)
  5. Once you’ve killed all the enemies, jump off the edge and kill yourself. You will respawn at the beginning checkpoint, rinse & repeat steps 3-5

Enemies will sometimes drop the “Silken Codex” which you can sell to the Cryptarch for 200 glimmer each.

Suppose it’s good to get glimmer. But I do think think I’ve ever needed any.

Then again could be a good way to farm then buy engrams at the Tower to get ranks up.

Did you just wake up? :wink:

OT: Will be getting my friend to help me with this later, Destiny is amazing I didn’t think I would even like it, grinded about 10 hours yesterday though.

Been up since half four haha been grinding destiny too much and now back to work is a killer