Destiny combines arms in the Crucible this weekend

[/img]The next two community events for Bungie’s Destiny will start this weekend. We had names for the two events before, Combined Arms and The Queen’s Wrath, and now we have dates and descriptions for them as well. The Combined Arms event is an “all out war on a massive scale” in the Crucible multiplayer section. Players form fireteams of up to six, driving across the map and making use of increased heavy weapon ammo drops. The event starts today and lasts through the weekend.

Next up is The Queen’s Wrath, a set of bounty missions that begin on Tuesday, September 23 and runs through Monday, October 6. By completing the mission, players earn unique rare and legendary gear. The following two Destiny events are September’s Salvage mission and October’s Iron Banner mission. This week’s Vault of Glass quest was first conquered roughly 11 hours after it opened. Bungie opted to double its well-broadcasted shooter’s public events for players to encounter while patrolling areas in the game.


Hope its not for 28+. I’ve been at level 24 for a week cause all the rare armor they give me is weaker than the ones I have.

**** went from 26 to 27 today :smile: ahahah took a bit now I just need to get vanguard up so I can purchase a chest and get to 28 :smile:!!

Seriously, that sucks, I was Lvl. 24 for a second!?!
…found an engram which turned into a set of gauntlets that bumped me up to Lvl. 24 than purchased the exotic chest from Xur and it than bumped me up to Lvl. 25.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any legendary gear for the guardian; every time I get a legendary engram it turns into items/gear for other classes.

Oh, nice. Thanks for that, lol.

That’s not that bad though, you can just vault the stuff and use it on another character.

Yesterday I got 3 legendary engrams from farming and all three of them were the exact same thing. The dead orbit warlock bond that I already bought… The best gear I’ve gotten is from Xur and leveling up my cryptarch rank, the legendary engrams the post master gives me so far have turned into a legendary scout rifle, legendary fusion rifle, and legendary boots for hunter class - which is going to be my next character anyways.

Oh I know, that’s what I did/do with the items…I’ve just learned to live with it and move on rather than getting frustrated about it like some people. (ex: Someone on Reddit posted complaining about how they got their first legendary engram for it to be rare. Everyone was replying on how that’s exactly what happened to them, yet now they have all the legendary gear they could need.)

Right now, I’m just trying to get more Special Coins so I can get the exotic rocket.