Destiny Desperate for Seaso pass buyers?

If I still played Destiny, I probably would’ve gotten it.

Listen to those wubs in the official trailer for the sparrow.
Really exemplifies how shallow the game really is.

I’m buying the season pass for the new raid and gear. Not the sparrow that goes slower than the one I already have.

I thought you got the sparrow for buying the season pass with the game? Not separately. I think it is a cool sparrow.

XV0 Timebreaker > EV-40 Tumbler

…I just don’t see the look of the Sparrow fitting to the game; looks too weird.

Ya its not that fast my time breaker is way faster i trashed it when i got it lol

I talked a lot of sh** about this game to my friends…now I had to delete a few that I played with to play the game again. Now I have to buy another Suros regime and Red Death. I deleted them to make sure I don’t come back to this game, but that didn’t work…Damn. :expressionless:

So did you like the game or did you hate it?

It’s a great game. I just wish it had guaranteed drops for doing a certain mission. Vault of Glass for example. When I first played Vault of Glass, I thought I was leaving with full raid gear.

Ha, why would you think that if the game is pure random-ness?

Bought it today, along with a copy for my 360, pretty cool how all my characters were there ready to play, and best of all achievements synced from the X1, now when i earn one on the 360 it will pop up on the X1

It took me 9 times on hard to get the fatebringer. You’ll get what you want eventually.

Only gun that I really want in Destiny is that Vex Mythology. I don’t care if its been nerfed, I use my guns for their style, not by damage.

You’ll get one eventually.


haha i got the vex the week it got nerfed what a joke, but i must say the 20 fusion rifle kills of 2 or more takes about 10sec to complete but whatever it’s an abusive relationship anyway she beats me and i come back for more…

I did the raid nearly 30x and have yet to get a Mythoclast, but theres people I know who have 4 & 5 of them. It’s BS if you ask me.

I just got the Vex Saturday, before the Vault of glass restarted. I did the Vault of Glass again yesterday and got another Vex.

I did Atheon on hard 9 times and got absolutely nothing good :anguished:

I’ve cleared Hard 31 times and have only gotten it 3 times. It’s purely random.