Destiny - Exotic Weapon Bounty

I just picked up an exotic weapon bounty, anyone else got one of these yet?

Yup their a pain in the ass

Which bounty did you get? I got Toland’s Legacy I checked the guide for it and it doesn’t seem to hard. It will be worth it.

The first one

How do you get them?

By completing tasks.

Do you get them from the PostMaster telling you to see the Bounty robot as you progress through the game?

Yea, you only get bounties from the post office dude.

Edit: Just reached level 20. The message said to play on heroic to earn exotic weapons.

I’ve been doing bounties like crazy and I’ve got no such thing. What am I doing wrong?

Same here and im lvl 24 and I have yet to get an exotic bounty lol!

What difficulty are y’all playing on? It has to be heroic or hard.

I’m level 25 (almost 26) and I mainly play level 24 strikes.

So I handed in another 3 vanguard bounites a while ago and picked up another exotic weapon bounty. In case anyone was wondering you can have 2 at the same time, I could only choose between 2 of the original 3 I first picked from when I got my first one.

Still haven’t got one. I handed in 5 bounties today all at once, nothing.

Yeah it’s strange how it works, when I first got one I handed in 3 bounties at once and then received it, my brother also did the exact same thing right after me and got it too. Then today when I handed in 3 more at the same time I got another, he handed in 3 too and got it. Maybe there is a connection I am not to sure.

Yeah I have no idea man, I just turned in another 4 still nothing. Today my friend turned in one and he got an exotic bounty.

The first thing I do when I get on Destiny is complete all the bounties, but still never had an exotic one.