Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Official Trailer Shows Off New Exo

[/img]Gear up — literally — for The Dark Below, Destiny‘s first PvE and PvP expansion coming to PlayStation and Xbox this December.

The DLC’s just-released official trailer featuring commentary by DrCrispy93 shows off some of the new gear you’ll be able to earn by defeating the expansion’s new Missions, Strikes, and new Raid. It follows closely behind two other DLC-related videos from Bungie, including a cinematic cutscene introducing a significant new enemy, Crota, and a behind-the-scenes vidoc detailing what’s coming.

You can also have a look at DrCrispy93?s new Exotic and Legendary gear over on DestinyDB to get a few more details on the items featured in the trailer.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below arrives December 9.