Destiny feedback will be incorporated into The Dark Below

[/img]Feedback from Destiny players is being taken into account in the development of the shooter MMO’s first DLC pack.

Destiny: The Dark Below is due in December, but Bungie has been hard at work at it for some time, and listening equally hard to player feedback all the while.

Speaking on the Guardian Radio podcast, community manager David “Deej” Dague said Bungie is “putting the finishing touches” on the new content.

“We are the new Bungie. We’re the Bungie that shipped Destiny and that has changed us,” he said.

"If you look at how many times we have updated this game, you can see how many things we have learned from our game and how many thing we have been willing to change about our game.

“We’re very deliberately taking action on how the game can be stronger, or more stable, or more diverse in the way you are all powerful.”

The Dark Below has not been solidly dated beyond December. A second pack, House of Wolves, will follow.

Destiny has been updated multiple times since launch, and it hasn’t all been fixing exploits and nerfing your favourite gun. For instance, major changes were made to the engram system in response to complaints.


and every single area in it is pretty much accessible and just needs a few enemy spawners slapped in, same goes for the House of Wolves DLC, but hey, cutting off areas to be sold for later is a nice way to get more money from the masses.

Also the part on the engram system:
They pretty much made it worse and negated the whole point of what was “fixed.”
-Legendary Engrams have an extremely low drop rate
-Ascendant Materials are Legendary which then can make a Legendary Engram into a dud if you are given materials.
You can already break down Legendary items for materials, but making it so materials have a higher rate to be given than actual legendary items from an engram is just idiotic.

These patches they they have done have only continued to break the game instead of repairing the damage from their half-assed design.

Allow trading!

You do know that’s/was Activisions doing…

I’ve gotten most of my legendary/exotic gear post-engram patch. I’ve only seen 3 legendary engrams drop, but they’re usually useless class items anyways. My biggest gripe is that the cryptarch rewards pretty much nothing but blue engrams when you level him up. I’ve gone from Lv22-Lv37 cryptarch since the patch and only received 2 legendary rewards. Once in a great while I get a shader or strange coin, and lots of blue engrams, which will sometimes turn into a legendary.

My tip is to grind tiger strikes and fill your vault with all the blue engrams, then decrypt them all at once. Should be able to get a legendary or two out of it.

Exactly what i’ve been doing, much better than loot caves.

My Cryptarch level is only 16 and I received several legendary items from blues for my Warlock, which is really good because it’s only a level 8 since I mainly play on my Hunter. I also decrypted a few blues last night and got 2 items. Also, about an hour ago I was going on a loot run on farm and somehow got a legendary engram, I’m not kidding.

its cool reached lvl 30 today and updated my guns probably wont be on till dlc or to upgrade the armamenturium for the extra grenade perk.

I recieved 4 exotic items from legendary engrams so far. Randomness is in my favor.

I’ve had a lot of legendary items after the patch too. More than I got before it. I’ve had less exotics though. I think it should be harder to get them right enough.

My problem is with the raid, I’ve done it about ten times now and have received no raid gear on normal. But have got the helmet four times from hard. Really annoying seen as I can’t rank up further

Yea dude, I feel your pain. I am in the same boat.
Im on now by the way.

i ran the raid 2x last night to cheese out atheon on 2 different characters and both got the time splitter sparrow and a few energies, 1 got the helm which i already had… I NEED BOOTS DAMMIT!!!

I don’t think you can get boots from Atheon, I got my boots from the Templar I think.

yea still gotta run the full raid but my friend had a save a need a cheese master so i jumped in lol… figure get that out the way 1st before the babybumpers were hotfixed… haha

i managed in the last 2 weeks to get full raid gear through pure luck, but now i still need 50 ascendant shards to get to level 30 and currently have only five shards, with the current drop rate being around 2% for legendary items and close to 75% for uncommon items, it will take a long time for me to gather 50 shards as i can now only get on a couple of times per week now for a few hours and don’t want to grind and grind for dozens of hours and not get much out of it.

Well, stop doing it on hard mode and maybe you won’t continue to get gear found only on hard mode. :sunglasses:

Like ebonyGLOCK said, why are you running the Raid on hard if you’re seeking something that can be obtained by completing it on normal? I understand that if you don’t complete the Raid on normal and go straight to hard you get double the rewards, but you’re allowing yourself to get rewarded more, exclusive stuff. Until you acquire everything from normal I suggest not running the Raid on hard for that exact reason; you can earn more things in which you don’t need/want.

Hard-mode Exclusives:

  • Fatebringer, Legendary Handcannon (Templar Drop)
  • Vex Mythoclast, Primary Exotic Fusion Rifle (Atheon Drop)
  • Praetorian Foil, Legendary Fusion Rifle
  • Battlecage of Kabr, Legendary Titan Helmet
  • Prime Zealot Helm, Legendary Hunter Helmet
  • Cowl of the Hezen Lords, Legendary Warlock Helmet
  • “Aspect of Glass”, Legendary Jumpship

Yes i know but there is a normal set of raid gear and a hard set of raid gear so it doesnt matter i could still get hard level boots from hard level raid… and i only ran in and knocked him off with 2 characters cause a friend had the save and wanted to get it done before the bumpers this week. I usually run the raid normal then hard for the most part. Was just expressing my need for boots lol

I think you either read or was told some misleading information regarding the Raid. Granted I’ve yet to complete the Raid on hard, but I’m pretty sure the armor obtained from the Raid is all the same.

…I also haven’t heard that kind of talk from my friends on Next-Gen. who have both beaten the Raid on Hard multiple times; just saying.

[i][u]Destiny Wiki - Vault of Glass[/u][/i] (scroll down until you get to rewards)

Angry Joe review says it all… I want Bungie to respond to it.