Destiny has a cave-shaped loot exploit

[/img]Remember how Bungie wanted each piece of loot in Destiny to have a “badass story” attached to it so badly that it scrapped player-to-player trades? A new exploit documented by Force Strategy Gaming (video posted below the break) flies in the face of such hopes, as the trick lets Guardians mow down continuously-spawning waves of enemies to amass a pile of loot for everyone in the vicinity.

The exploit involves a cave found on Old Russia, which Acolytes and Thralls spawn and rush forward from in waves. In order for the trick to work, players need to stand back far enough to allow spawns to keep happening, while ensuring that a lone enemy doesn’t escape and go hide behind cover, therefore hindering future spawns.

For a sense of what to expect, Force Strategy Gaming claims that 15 minutes worth of shooting rewarded them with stacks of green Engrams, as well as a few blue and legendary-tier pieces. The same area occasionally plays host to a public event however, so bringing backup would be wise.


DAM they found us ^^

Not really worth it… Kinda slow and gets annoying if someone comes and messes it all up… Didnt really kno this would actually be news bot worthy

also every hour or so the enemies will go and attack each other (a little message will pop up a few seconds before saying something along those lines so use that as a warning to change to assault weapons and get more engrams ect from that area event) almost right where you stand ruining the chance of being able to stay there spawn killing enemies which will continue for around 15 mins or until they are clared out of the area (kill the remaining enemies in the area while one of your fireteam stay in the cave to stop the spawns in that cave).

as for the public events the screen darkens before each public event along with the warning noise run for the cave it will either land right where you shoot from or across the road from where you stand (again you can deal with those public events fairly easy, then you can do the same as above) then get back to farming the cave.

it can be annoying when a few people are just standing near not helping out but still wanting to get the loot/xp from your hard work.
9 enemies spawn in total (3 acolytes in 1 group worth 60 xp then 2-3 thralls along with 3-4 acolytes in the other worth 110 xp) and unless you are getting headshots everytime and are quick with the reloads you will miss 1 or 2.

if your using a scout rifle and going for headshots which you should be for this method you can go for around half an hour to an hour before going in for ammo and to sort the loot out (destroy greens for weapon part ect and keep the blues and purples only, when your inventory is full go back to the tower and exchange them at the cryptarc for cryptarc level ect every level gets 2-3 more engrams either blue purple or orange from the postmaster).

i have seen people doing this using an auto rifle (which isnt great damage at the range you need to fire from) and run out of ammo in around 5 mins and others are left standing there thinking that was a waste of ammo and time just to get 4-5 engrams.
with the scout rifle i was using between 10% and 20% of the ammo that an auto rifle uses and getting more engrams for the ammo i was using.

Personally I use an assault rifle to farm because I don’t think it’s all that important to have weapons for specific tasks like farming, just use what you have. But, with the same thought in mind, if you’re using an assault rifle, just because you ran out of ammo doesn’t mean that you should break the cycle and go get ammo, wait about 30secs. or so and you shall get a “free ammo” drop which should replenish all your ammo.

…whenever I’m farming, with the few 360 players I’ve added, we never have to go to the cave to resupply thanks to Bungie’s “free ammo” system.

First off, this is seriously old news. Secondly, this doesn’t seem like something newsbot would post. Third, this gets tedious with idiots who don’t know how to do this, trolls who prevent the spawns, and it also gets boring pretty quickly too. My advice is to snap TV or something to take the edge off the monotanous farming.

Farming - exploit choose one.

I tried this & only kept getting green engrams even tho i’m a level 21. I got kind of bored with this since i didn’t get any rares/legionaries etc but i might try again. Guess this will get fixed soon tho.

Lol, I was just doing this and got 3 legendaries in 5 minutes. Legendary rocket, legendary helmet for the Titan class and blue garbage armor.

Technically this isn’t an exploit, if that’s what you were striving towards, because even though Bungie said they wanted people to have a story behind everything in which they earned you know as well as I do that players are going to find the fastest ways to accomplish things; especially since Bungie seems to be huge fans of World of Warcraft and I’ve heard that game takes a lot of grinding.

Obviously every can earn the same gear through different methods, but prior to cave farming I just played Strike missions until my eyes fell out. Once I had purchased my exotic chest piece, which was around Lvl. 24, I hadn’t farmed anything like I have been doing for the past few days.

Plus, prior to purchasing my chest piece from Xur, I hadn’t received one legendary engram in which I could actually use for my character; all three, when decoded, where pieces of armor for a Warlock. (Helmet, Gaunlets, Chest) So, since you’re Lvl. 21 I’d just keep cave farming for gear with a light-level and go from there…or you could do what I did and grind Strike missions since they give gear.

Best of luck!

That’s what I’m saying lol, so many people say farming is cheating or a glitch/exploit, my brain hurts when I read it.

I’ve been doing this for 1-2 hours every day. All the greens & blues that drop may not seem worth it, but they are. The greens are an easy source of glimmer & weapon/armor parts for upgrades, blues level up your cryptarch rank extremely fast which unlocks legendary engrams from the post master. The best gear I have came from leveling the cryptarch and reaping the rewards from the post master.

Also just a tip for those of you who keep getting legendary gear for the wrong class: Either store it for a second/third character, or dismantle them for easy ascendant shards/energy for upgrading your current legendary/exotic gear. Marks, cloaks, and bonds will give nothing when dismantled however.

Yeah, I’ve seen a few posts of people saying they don’t want to farm because they don’t want to get banned and all I have to do is face-palm since Bungie has come out and said this game is going to have a lot of grinding.

Besides the weapons/gear, I’ve heard you can get Ascendent Shards and such at every checkpoint or something…would be awesome to get my hands on a good amount of these since I need them for my legendary/exotic gear.