Destiny: Husk of the pit

How do you get this?:

Some people say you have to farm the Blades of Crota that spawn on Earth and Moon, and they have a very low chance of dropping this. I have farmed for over 3 hours, nothing.

If you’re wondering what it is, it’s the first stage of the Necrocham. You upgrade the Husk of the pit (white, common) with the embalming orb you get from Eris. The next stage when you upgrade the Husk is called the Eidolon Ally (purple, legendary). You upgrade that version with the Crux of Crota which is a rare drop from Crota on hard mode (unfortunately HM isn’t going to be released until January). Finally once you upgrade Eidolon Ally with the Crux of Crota you get the Necrochasm.

Necrochasm info:

Also here’s a very poor quality video of the Husk of the pit (might want to mute the video) :

From what I’ve read on reddit, it only drops in Crota’s End. From any type of hive, at any level.

Could I get a link?

I tried finding it again but couldn’t. It’s somewhere in a thread on

I seen one person with this and he never answered me on where he got it and i asked him twice…but just give it time more info will pop up on it soon

I heard it’s only been found in the Demo of Destiny.

Yeah I’ve been hearing that as well, kinda sucks if that’s true.

I heard that it was just a glitch in the demo version and it’s not available in the full game.

It’s an extremely rare drop. Apparently is doesn’t drop as an engram, but one of those “triangle” things.

Finally got it :smile:


i have gotten it twice from killing those blade knights (its random) the auto rifle is a level 10 and has an extreme amount of recoil and rapid fire with very little impact

Just seen how to get it easily. Now need to level up eris for the embalming orb

That’s why you need to upgrade it to it’s legendary version by getting the embalming orb from Eris Morn. Then eventually the Necrochasm once HM gets released for the raid.

I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest thing to get, considering it’s based on RNG. I spent 6+ hours farming for it and I finally got it, my friend did it once and got it…

Just seen that you start the fist of crota mission. Pass omnigul until you get to the sword guy. Keep killing him

i just got it again, (keeping it this time) on the moon, make sure to kill him right after they are doing the ritual…again its random