Destiny impossible loot chest?

Has anyone encountered this chest on the moon? If so, how do you pick it up?

thats a very vague picture…

Funny… no location, no tips only a picture…
no way to ahve an valid answer bro…
in the pic in top left

You have to jump into that “tube” / “bridge” / “walkway” from the back end.

Every class is able to access the area, but for some it’s easier than others.
(ex: Hunters have to hop on top of their Sparrow and triple-jump while Warlocks and simply glide.)

Best of luck!

ive found one in one of the buildings ontop of a locker that wont let me get it to but its whatever these things happen just reset lol.

Every once in awhile there are chests that can’t be opened, has happened to both my friends on next-gen. and myself on the X360.