[Destiny] LE Unboxing, Emblem Codes, and Old-Gen to Next Gen Deal

If you’re interested in what everything in the limited edition looks check out this video.

Inside the LE there 5 emblem codes scattered around. These are what the emblems look like:


They can be redeemed here: http://www.bungie.net/en/User/coderedemption

Until January 15th, 2015, if you purchase the base game, Digital Guardian Edition, or expansion pass for PS3 or Xbox360, you can then download the next-gen version of that absolutely free. This is done via a cross-buy like method, with the free upgrades available only on the same account as the original purchases. (This also confirms DGE for Xbox 360)

****KKKKKKK YOUU BUNGIE why you announce the cross gen purchase so late!

Why would you even want to get it on last gen if you could have it on next gen anyway? It’s gonna be a million times better on Xbox One…

Umm because you’re getting two copies for the price of one? Who wouldn’t want that?

Uhhhhh me because I would never play it on an inferior console with worse graphics/detail and capabilities, etc…

You could have some friends who only have a 360 and some who only have a One. Plus I don’t really notice a huge difference between old and next gen.

I notice the difference. Try playing Titanfall on 360 and the Xbox One and then come talk to me…

And all the more reason to make them get off their lazy bums, and upgrade to the Xbox One…trade that old 360 **** in

I still have a lot of friends that play the 360, I even play it quite frequently. The 360 still has some years left in it. So I don’t really understand why you’re calling it **** and inferior while there’s still way more people playing the 360 than the One. Also the One doesn’t have as broad of a game selection (yet) unlike the 360. Plus the dashboard and user interface (parties, voice messages, etc) are easier to use on the 360. Those things alone, make you’re previous statements about the 360 not so true. Maybe a few years down the line, but now, not so much.

Don’t agree with you at all. I’d much rather play ANY game on Xbox One than go back to 360 (hence why I traded mine in). IDC how many people are playing on the 360 still, the Xbox One is clearly a better console both technically and game-wise (once the big games hit next-gen this Fall). Most of the good games coming are being specifically designed for next-gen FIRST. New Call of Duty is a prime example, and there’s just more benefits to playing the games on the newer consoles that have the enhanced graphics.

I can understand the thing about having friends on Xbox 360, but if you own both a 360 and a One and have friends on both I do not see the need to buy the same game for each console. Destiny will run and play much smoother on the One than the 360, hence playing it on the One with be better.

Only reason I would is to mod my game possibly on 360 when available if available lol then transfer to the unhacked X1 system… but other then that meh…

Really just looking to play the game with friends to be honest. Don’t really care how “smooth” it plays or how it looks, I just want to have fun with friends. And considering most of my friends play the 360 it would have been nice if Bungie would have announced this deal sooner. So that way I can play with friends on the 360 and the One for the price of only one DGE. Just seems like you only care about how good it looks or how it runs since you keep referring back to that. But anyway I’m done talking about this, I’ve said my piece.

Never said I only care about how good it looks. I still had a 360 not even 3 months ago. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the One and the better features and graphics that come with it. It’s just another perk of having the newer console. If friends weren’t a factor and this deal didn’t exist, and someone had both a 360 and a One it makes no sense to buy the 360 version over the version for the One because of the benefits of playing it on the One versus the older console. That’s all I was trying to say.

It was one reason I upgraded to the One sooner than I anticipated. I didn’t want to keep buying games on 360 that were also coming out for the One (after seeing how crappy Titanfall was on 360 compared to Xbox One). I would just end up buying the same games again for another console when I eventually decided to buy the One, especially since a lot of my friends all bought it.

Because who wouldn’t want to get two games for the price of one, regardless if you would even play the other one. Also to play with friends on the 360 who haven’t upgraded yet. I talked to microsoft and figured out a way to get em both so I’m content now :smile:

Hook batman up! I wanna play with batman!

2 games for 1, If you fight about that then you don’t know a deal when its smacking you in the face.

Tell him to ask me what to do lol

Edit: If you guys already pre ordered the game on the xbox one games store, but want to get in on this deal just cancel your pre-order by contacting xbox support and they’ll refund you the money. Then on the 9th purchase the digital edition on the 360 and take advantage of the deal.