Destiny | Level 22 Strike Playlist | 360

Looking for someone who wants to play strike? i can’t find anyone else online so it puts me in a game by myself

Would be nice to get some other 22s in here but as long as you can play it (20+) that’s fine

anyways my gamertag is SJN Aden so add me and ill invite you to this. Please no one under the age of 17, or if so, just no mic haha :laughing:

Actually you only got to be 13… Since it’s rated T…

I would if I was able to play it…

wow… it is lol. thought it was M

well anyways still 17 plus :laughing:

Anyone know when the digital download for 360 is suppose to be up? I heard it suppose be to available midnight but I’m unsure.

Nothing is ever on time when it comes from MS so I give it around 12:30.

Probably not until the morning around 9

Maybe you just need to get better at the game :stuck_out_tongue:

lol jk

Bro you ready?

Sorta lol. I hung out with some friends and went to the movies today to make it go by faster. I have work in like 7 and a half hours lol. Going to bed, exhausted. I’ll let you know when I get my copy in the mail tomorrow. Hoping it is waiting for me when I get home from work at around 12:30/1


Did you ever take that deal and get 2 copies?

By the way those who buy the 360 digital download get the Xbox One digital download for no additional cost. :wink:

I forgot to :anguished:

Playing strike playlist right now. If anyone is high enough then let’s play!