Destiny Limited Edition Unboxing

So here is my Unboxing Video of the limited edition Destiny on the Xbox one it aint my best unboxing but i hope you all will Enjoy!!

Isn’t this due for release at midnight tonight??

yeah it is i got it early as i ordered it online ebgames sent it on thursday last week

Well done…
and I thought I was doing alright by being a level 4 member and getting to skip to the front of the lines :laughing:

well iv found out ordering online theres always a chance you will get it a day early and im almost level 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

The servers are not online for me? Everytime I press ‘A’ to play, it says the servers are unavailable… Dammit.

Try again at Midnight if you’re Southern Hemisphere

I did like it so dont get upset but heres some constructive criticism

  1. Maybe you had a cold but or its your specific aussie accent but there was a odd effect to your voice… reminded me of bert and ernie

  2. probably nerves but - work on your reading - run through it a few times first so you know you can do it perfect.

  3. Dont copy the general youtuber way of doing/ saying stuff … I hate that … you only really did it at the start though.

I’ve ordered the limited edition too. But got the digital so I’d play it at midnight tonight. Can’t wait. 10 hours 8minutes. Not counting or anything.

I agree with RUSTEDCORE. Reading it before would have helped lol but nice job.

Also are you able to play it now?

Yeah im playing it right now the severs have been up for about an hour

Thanks for the tips man also I have a learning disabilitie so its hard for me to read out loud some times

Nice. It’s 14:08 here. Might go for a nap to pass the time

You know that if you buy the Digital 360 version you get the Xbox One digital version free,

Im gonna be buying it on 360 at a later date for a modded play throw

Flashy Flashy :smile: