Destiny lvl 28 weekly strike, Xbox 360

Anyone wants in? My two guys were crying too much, so I need some more. Xbox 360

I haven’t touched the Raid, but I haven’t completed it yet and would LOVE to!

Class: Hunter (both Subs maxed)
Level: 27
Weapons: All types of damage!

I’m not doing the raid, I completed it a week ago and got a cape. I’m just doing the weekly strike to get strange coins. I’ll send you an invite if you still wish to play with me, just letting you know incase you think I lied to you.

Ha, you didn’t lie…I just got ahead of myself and assumed Raid.
I’d love to help you complete the Weekly on Lvl. 28, but I’ve already completed it six times this week and don’t want to do it anymore, epsecially since the Minotaur are as annoying as they are!

Sorry, but I hope you understand.

*Just so anyone doesn’t flip out, I only received the 9x Strange Coins once and received nothing the other five times. Like I said in another thread, I had 45x Strange Coins by Friday and wanted to help my friends obtain more coins so they could purchase what they wanted from Xur.

Nah, I understand man. I don’t want waste people’s time, and doing this strike with no reward at the end of it is a waste. So far I’m doing good soloing it. About to fight the boss now.

I will, GT: Trollivation

You wouldn’t be wasting my time, I try to help others who have helped me…you’d just owe me. Joking.
Like I said, I’ve just completed the Weekly too many times this following week and don’t feel like going head on with the Minotaurs, again!

u should of msged me dude i was at the last boss solo and gave up i didnt know u needed more ppl <.<

P.S. omg warlocks are op when void burn and solar burn modifiers are on…

Thanks for the offer, me and Troll beat the strike last night. I’ll try to get on after work.