Destiny - My Pre-order Got Delayed

UPS ****ing sucks. The trailer never made it to my state overnight apparently and is delayed so I called UPS bc the tracking number doesn’t say when they will be delivering it, and they said it will take at least another day to ship to my house. I have Amazon Prime and always get guaranteed free release date delivery and this is the first time I’ve ever had issues not receiving a pre-order on the day it releases. Not really their fault, it’s UPS and they suck ****. I pre-ordered months ago and my pre-order of Captain America 2 was coming with it.

Now I most likely won’t get either until tomorrow :anguished:

I called Amazon and all they did was extend my Amazon Prime for another month, couldn’t even give me a ****ing gift card for my troubles.

Just wanted to let those of you who I was gonna play Destiny with know that I won’t be on it today probably :confused:

I’m hoping somehow it gets here by 8PM later on

woow dude, this suck, sorry for your troubles, be possitive maybe will be there in the safe of your home, ready for open it and give him some love

I know its a bit different but im stuck at work and can’t play my copy til the weekend i’ll be lucky if i get in an hour over the next few days… But that def sucks esp with the pitiful pay off they gave you…

These are the types of threads we don’t need. You should never expect to get it the day they say you will. That is the way buying stuff online works. Also expecting amazon to give you a gift card for something that isn’t their fault is just wrong.