Destiny Nightfall Strike

Anyone completed this weeks nightfall strike? If so what loot did you get? I only got an exotic helmet :anguished:

“I only got an exotic helmet :anguished:” - GitGud
I don’t even have a legendary yet and i have played since release.

I know how it sounds haha, but I’ve already gotten 4 exotic helmets so I don’t need them, I was hoping for a new weapon lol

Are you ****ing kidding me.

No, I bought one from Xur when he first came to the tower then I got another 2 from ranking up with the engram guy and got one as loot just then. 2 of them weren’t even for my class, I really wish they had a trading system.

Me too, only ever had one legendary engram which of course turned in to a blue.

Yes. Gear-wise, I didn’t get anything special…just three Special Coins; allowing me to have a total of nine.

Don’t feel too bad, ever since I got the game, I’ve been no-lifing the game and haven’t gotten any Legendary engram.

…I’m sitting on all Rare gear.

**** the knightfall strike is ridiculous I could do it if I can get past the wizard part cause theres a nice despawn glitch to kill the unchained boss at the end. If anyone wants to help me past the wizards we can do it easly add me on xbox one HOX x Typh00n

Got a exotic launcher.

Noob question but how & where do you find this mission?

Use an LMG with void damage on the Wizards. Void damage is amplified in this strike.

While you are in orbit go to Set Destination, when you get to the screen where you can see all the places, on the far left hand side of your screen should be smaller locations which are, one crucible, daily heroic story, weekly heroic strike and the weekly nightfall strike. If you can’t see them you must not be a high enough level to play them yet.

Didn’t know you got special loot, just got my legendary chest armour, will have to check this out, hopefully it’ll push me to level 25

I do but my lmg doesnt have that much void damage so I used a fusion rifle instead. Ill be on tonight if anyone wants to try it again.

Use elemental damage to drop shields and then switch to the void damage. I found over both the nightfall strikes that it works better than just using void/arc damage (whatever one does bonus damage during the strike) so whatever colour their shield is us that damage type to drop the shield and then go to the bonus damage (this week it’s void)