Destiny - Play now in Australia

I got the digital version of Destiny for the Xbox One, and it’s now available to play. I live in Australia so it may vary for others.

Cant wait for this 360 version, so I can get the free Xbox One version.

Anyone know if you can just change your account settings or locale to that and download?

Did you just go onto destiny and it let you play? Or did you have to download something?

Destiny was pre downloaded and then I went to the game and just clicked on it and it said Play now.

You have to buy the game from the actual country’s store (buy it from aus xbox store) simply changing your locale and time and date won’t let you get on any earlier.

Do NOT change your Time zone on the Xbone. I don’t know why, but you will not be able to start games. Example: Change your time zone to kiritimati island (all the way at the bottom) and start 2 different games. You will see that it will take you back to the dashboard. To fix the problem, change your time zone back to where you had it.

How do I know this, you ask? Lets just say I know this game that comes out tomorrow and I wanted to do a little experi- Yea, I did it, so what?! I wanted to see if I would be able to play it early. Problem!?

Will it work with vpns like it did on the 360 maybe?

Unless you switched your locale to Australia or New Zealand and bought the game from that store, then nothing else will work

My locale is USA and I live in England, all games work fine, I run my Xbox on the Unblock Us VPN so I can have the American apps running etc. Never been dashboarded.

It’s the time zone, that messes with the Xbox. Set your time zone to Kiritimati island then you wont be able to start your games.

I’m on a completely different timezone, I don’t think thats the issue, you need a supporting VPN connection, not just changing your locale. If it detects that you aren’t where you say you are, you’re in breach of their terms of service.

Im playing right now in ireland which is GMT.


Im not sure I burnt the game if that makes a difference

On 360 with flashed disc? Then yeah makes sense. Servers went up at 12 noon today.

So your not actually playing on the X1 then?!

Being a burnt copy may make a difference as they have said the servers are active.

Ye sorry I thought the discussion was just on Destiny in general

Oooh didnt know thought everyone was still waiting on it

You have no idea how excited you got me lol servers went up today. But you can’t download the last part of the download until 12.01

The servers went up today, the files for Destiny have been out for a few weeks.