Destiny Pre-order to start downloading on 9/9 12:01 am?

I hit the sheets every night at 2am, so I need to know something. When I pre-purchased the game, did it stop at 99% and will finish downloading the 1% at 12:01 am? The Beta even took a while to download, so it would be really good for the game to have already downloaded 99% of the game.

If you live on the West Coast of the US you’ll be playing just after midnight.

Uhhh I remember downloading M15 5 days before the release at 100% and was able to start the game exactly on 12:01

Thanks. If my job never had my days off split, I would’ve stay up til 7am.

I think like 100mb is left to download if the game is only 18gb. But there have been rumors of it being 40gb so who knows

As long as I can start the game before 12:05, it’s all good. I want to play Destiny as much as I can before 2am.

Good luck with that bro. If the rumors are true then destiny will be 40 GB and you can just play some of it while the rest downloads.

I don’t know why they didn’t have the correct number of Gigs with the purchase. A lot of people could’ve bought the game, then when they see the amount, they would wish they got the physical copy.