Destiny Question

So ive been told if i need help with something technical the some guy that works for bungie that helps im wondering who the person is and how to contact him.

Edit: THe guys name is DeeJ and how do i contact him.

Are you talking about helping in-game and joining your fireteam?..or help as ame problems?

i just want to ask if he can do something for me

Lol you can try get his attention on Twitter, or make a thread on and ask people to bump it so he looks at it.

You could try tweeting him.

Edit: Me and IHorney posted at the same time !

TY sir i had to scroll through all my twitter crap lol

I would have signed out when I left the site.

Deej is just the community manager for Bungie. Basically he just posts weekly updates on the games progress.

I would post a thread over on /r/DestinyTheGame and hope people bump it up to front page. Bungie is all over Reddit.

You could also try PMing /u/Deej_BNG or /u/urkmcgurk