Destiny Raid Normal & Hard

If you complete the raid on normal, can you then repeat the raid by doing it on hard? I ask cause I solo’d yesterday night on hard and didn’t get anything. Before I started the mission, I looked at the mission rewards that read:

Raid Set Gear
Ascendent materials
Unknown Rewards

So I started the raid up and cheesed Atheon. I got nothing and the mission end timer was stuck on “0”. I was like “What the f***?!?”. I had to exit to orbit, but as I re entered the raid, I was put at the beginning of the raid.

But was that a glitch or did I just not get anything because I completed the raid on normal already?

@ end you can sometime have nothing…
you can have some stuff @ each step (+loot) on each 3 sections

If you beat level 26, you can have weapon, armory and some extra color
iF you beat level 30 (good luck homie) you can have Atheon weapon (most wanted until patch) and some stuff like level 26

anyway if you beat level 26 completly, level 30 will only reward you @ atheon, no more

Bug about timer @ 0 appear all times i play too but i got reward, you made a raid rnothing actually !!
Then it’s not a bug !

From my experience you get rewards for normal and hard. This is why i go through on hard straight away if i can get the people, as you will get double the loot. Just to add, if you need to know if you are able to get raid rewards look on the Destiny app. There is a section that will show you what part of the raid you have completed on both difficulties.

-The chests will not give you loot if you already opened them
-If you do the raid on hard first, then you will get 2 rewards for every time that you would normally get one (except for chests, as they will still give one)
-Atheon’s Epilogue can be given on normal as well, the entire loot table is random
-Vex Mythoclast can also show up on normal, but just a much lower chance than hard (seen people get it multiple times on normal)
-If you are a level 29 or 30, then just do the raid on hard, as you’ll get all the rewards from normal anyways

Didn’t know that thanks, I’m 29 but don’t want try it on hard. I think i’ll be a let down to my team haha.

It’s always fun seeing people get really nice things in raids when I only ever seem to get shards and energy.
I don’t have any raid gear at all, and the only times I ever actually got anything would be on my very first raid.
5 raids within 3 weeks = 0 raid gear.

Damn that sucks, I’ve done the raid about 6 times the only raid gear I have is a helmet and boots for a Warlock other than that I get Ascendant materials.

Never had any weapons from the raid either, I really want Atheons Epilogue.

I was lucky and got the Epilogue on my first run on normal.

Huh, didn’t know some of these so thank you!
(thought you’d get either Normal or Hard gear after completing a checkpoint rather than two.)

Is atheons epilogue rare? I have 2 from both my successful normal raids.

Don’t really know it’s random so I guess not.

Thanks for the info guys. I’m gonna level up my new armor that I just got to level 29+ for hard mode.

There’s a percentage modifier with RNG games that predetermines rarity of guns etc.