Destiny’s House of Wolves drops in May, light level increase to 39 – rumor

House of Wolves is the next major DLC drop for Destiny and if a leak posted earlier today proves to be accurate, the content – previously rumored for a March release – won’t be available until May.

According to a post on Reddit by megamanexe4 who claims to have access the House of Wolves content, gear will have a maximum light level of 39.

This implies Vendor gear will once again make Raid gear redundant, but will allow players to attain a higher light level.

Weekly activities such as Nightfall will increase from level 30 to level 32, and in the thread you can see a screenshot of a level 32 Thrall in part one of the Moon Strike.

Per the post, House of Wolves also contains new crucible maps, and new strike and raid, and new armor.

The House of Wolves content, again per the post, will not arrive until May 19.

Below, Arekkz Gaming breaks the rumors down for you. Some screenshots of the armor pulled from the Reddit post are below.

Again, file all of this as rumor until something official from Bungie is announced.

Source: Destiny's House of Wolves drops in May, light level increase to 39 - rumor | VG247

Too bad Xbox 360/one won’t get it until fall

Whoops, there’s bungies lazy reskin and changing the name of the armor again.

I don’t think Destiny will hold many players until May 19.

If it came out in March that would be fine, but I feel they will lose players because of the huge gap and not enough content, a lot of players are already done with The Dark Below and they need something to keep them going.

Actually there is playstation exclusive content that wont be coming to xbox until fall. Everything else is going to be released in tandem with each other.