Destiny servers go live Monday, Sept 8, at 12 noon GMT

[b]Destiny’s servers will go live on Monday, September 8, at 12 noon GMT / 7am EDT / 4am PDT.

Anyone who gets hold of the game early – including press reviewing Bungie’s shooter – will be able to play. Whether retailers begin sending out the game ahead of its September 9 launch is another matter.

Expect Twitch, Twitter and other social channels to start going bonkers from that point onwards.

The press are free to post impressions, screens and streams of the game, although Activision has requested that all review scores are held off until Tuesday, 7:01am GMT.[/b]

So, since a lot of people bought digital, they should go ahead and let us start the game. The people who got it early, that’s also like buying digital.

i suppose but i don’t think so, maybe you should try it tomorrow

Lol,K don’t know how ready or desperate you guys are to play it, but I set my Xbox time all the way to the city that’s has more time passed than the United States. Since the game says to play on 9/9/2014, I changed my Xbox location to a city that’s 12 hours a head of us, so that my Xbox could read '9/9/2014 tomorrow. So when I start Destiny tomorrow, the game will read that my Xbox is on 9/9/2014 and let me pass.

Just a what-if move. And this is also their first time having a digital pre-order download option, so its gotta have bugs.

thanks for that, tell us if working :sunglasses:

If you bought digital and you don’t care to see your time on your console, you should try it as well.

i will buy the digital version but for xbox 360, not Xone so i cant pre-load.=\

Seen as I’m in the uk I will be one of the first to play. Makes a change than having to wait three days after the US release.

yeah i know. is very sad because i can’t buy an xbox one right now and is not in my priority list buy one soon. so i will miss that offer:'(